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It’s true… a photograph can capture your soul.

It takes more than a snapshot, however, to tell a compelling visual story. Each Vogel creative project is approached with an eye for detail and a flair for inspiring the imagination.

iSpace tours

Take our virtual tours for example. These are not your usual boxed-in Real Estate virtual tours that simply spin in an endless circle. iSpace tours take you on a fully immersive journey of the entire scene - floor to ceiling and everything in between – 100% inspiration on 100% of your screen.

Click HERE to experience an iSpace tour for yourself.

iDef photography

HDR imagery (High Dynamic Range) is the latest advance in digital photography. It offers a stunning level of detail and range of shadow & light that has never before been achievable in a photograph. Shot correctly and processed with a sophisticated degree of skill, iDef photography creates a final image that remains rich and realistic yet takes the breath away at the same time. The added benefit in an iDef image is that it reproduces in print with all its impact intact.

Click HERE to see the iDef difference.

iZoom images

Get the BIG picture. iZoom offers a stunning feature that brings any photograph up close and personal. Using progressive Gigapixel technology, iZoom enables the viewer to enlarge details of a photo with incredible clarity. When you can zoom up to the chisel marks of a gargoyle perched high on a gothic church or examine the strokes of a master’s paintbrush on canvas, it’s exhilarating and educational all at once.

Click HERE to see how close an iZoom image can get.

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